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In Rock Band Land, you won't be taking any Chevy's  to the levy to find the levy was dry, but you might travel via Neon Yak SUV to Donut Day in the Desert with President Taco. RBL Rockers belt out their own lyrics and devise their own sick riffs to songs and stories they have created. No covers here, this is all kid-fueled crazily-clever-combos + craftily-cooked-campy-catharsis wrapped up in completely compelling, conductive compositions.

2017 Rock Band Land Collection

Follow The Head Hunters as they chase Human Sized Human Shaped Gummies through Growl Forest. Will they meet The Princess & The Potter? Or perhaps join The Banana and The Runaways in their quest for Captain Longfinger's Infinite Ribs. 2017 brings another series of tasty ear snacks so grab some Corn Knob and Head Juice and dive in!

2016 Rock Band Land Collection

What happens when Scat the Clean Cowboy travels by Car Mansion to round up some Dragon Devils during Donut Day in the Desert? 2016, that's what!