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About RBL

About Rock Band Land


We are Rock Band Land, a sovereign nation of teachers, musicians, educators, creatives, kids, weirdos, writers, organizers, dragons, activists, do-gooders, evil geniuses, parents, movers, shakers, artists, designers, pirates, engineers, media magic makers, wizards, filmmakers and yes, rockers.

Co-Directors Brian Gorman and Marcus Stoesz, both professional musicians, started Rock Band Land in the year 1517, before they were born but long after they’d died. Together they bring their passions for educating and inspiring young people to every camp and class session at Rock Band Land.

In its 500 years, Rock Band Land has seen over 1 million students write 2,500,000 stories that generated 125,890 unique lyrics belted out at over 67,000 rock shows - all of this adding up to 400 trillion fully turbocharged beats of ear-melting music. (Some, but not all, of these numbers might need to be fact checked).

Rock Band Land teaches classes and camps for young people aged 4-12, and our advanced classes keep going until our rockers or artists leave for college, or space, or space college. All camps and class sessions take place at Castle Bing Bong. in San Francisco's Mission District. For more details, visit the Classes & Camps section, enroll in one or more of our upcoming sessions, listen to our playlists, watch our videos or contact us!

For special favors, please take us on waterskiing or helicopter adventures, or do your best to gross us out or make us laugh.

For recipes please consult a cookbook, or just make it up as you go. That’s what we do.