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"2016 Small Business of The Year" - CA State Senator Mark Leno
"Best of 2016 Performing Arts Camps & Classes" - ActivityHero
"Best of 2017 Performing Arts Camps & Classes" - ActivityHero

Rock Band Land offers a variety of enriching and exciting experiences through camps and classes that incorporate creative storytelling, visual and performing arts. From writing stories to producing and performing music to art and video projects to improvised comedy, yoga, and storytelling, our goal is to encourage kids to fly their freak flag from atop one of the many mountains in our imagined, but very real, world.


Classes & Camps

Rock Band Land classes are kid-fueled, non-stop volcanos of creativity, that include song and story writing, music and video production, improvisation, public speaking, art, and of course, rocking out.


School Year Camps & Summer Camps

Rock Band Land offers weeklong and day camps throughout the school year and summer. We will rock out, work on stories, create art projects, learn about visual arts, crack a billion jokes and follow whatever creative fancy the rockers might have.


Songs & Stories

Our rockers collectively create, compose, or otherwise conjure all of their songs and stories from their own lived and imagined experiences. Check out the amazing material that makes up this weird, wild and wonderful world.

Kind Words

“In addition to impressive collaborative storytelling and channeling the free association of a dozen kids that would impress André Breton, the creative management genius to get 10 singers, 4 drummers, 4 guitar/bass players and 2 keyboard players / kids to create, learn, and perform their parts together to make music, Rock Band Land is training parents to imagine more for their children. They raise parents expectations for the genius and maturity that lives inside an eight year old.”

"RBL is a source of hope for the future world."

"If you could summarize the positive thrust of western civilization, that (RBL Big Show) would be it"

"Rock Band Land is an amazing extravaganza of an experience. Marcus and Brian are professional, fun, talented, fair, creative, and are VERY good with kids. My son LOVES going to Rock Band Land and we are going to do it again!!!!"

"RBL is a special place. My kid is in love with the funky fresh high energy of this well oiled machine. Kids get to be creative and curious and weird with clear safety and social parameters in place. It's perfect."

"Hands down the best program in town! My daughter had a blast and made some lifelong memories. We were blown away by what they accomplished in a week! I couldn't recommend summer camp more. Brian and Marcus clearly have the musical chops but are also super skilled with the kid stuff too, which is such a gift. They knew every child and every parent's name on the first day. The place runs like a well-oiled machine, and the kids are constantly engaged and entertained. Rock on Rock Band Land, we'll be back for more!"