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Classes & Camps

Rock Band Land offers a variety of enriching and exciting experiences, through camps and classes that incorporate creative storytelling, visual arts and performances. From writing stories to producing and performing music to art projects to improvised comedy, yoga, and storytelling, our goal is to encourage each rocker fly their freak flag from atop one of the many mountains in our imagined, but very real, world.


ROCK OUT - AGES 5 thru 9

Rock Out is a kid-fueled, nonstop volcano of creative collaboration. In these 6-week classes rockers will form a band, write a story, help shape the story into a killer rock song, record the song, and the classes culminate with the bands performing their songs live at THE BIG SHOW!

RBL Monkey-Donkey law now requires that a child must be five years old on or before September 1, 2018 to be legally eligible for Rock Out. Rockers younger than this are invited and encouraged to enroll in Pre-K Rock Out (below).

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RBL Monkey-Donkey Law now requires that a child must be five years old on or before September 1, 2018 to be legally eligible for Rock Out. Rockers younger than this, you've come to the right place.

In Pre-K Rock Out, the band will explore a different Rock Band Land hit song and its companion story. Rockers will experiment on all of the musical instruments (drums, guitar, bass, keyboard, microphone, and percussion), and work towards a recording session where they will track vocals on their song. The focus of this class is on creativity, collaboration, and most of all fun!

This class is a fantastic introduction to Rock Band Land and we’ve seen remarkable creative growth among the rockers who began in Pre-K Rock Out and then continued to Rock Out.


DRUM OUT! AGES 7 - 10 & 10 - 13

In Drum Out we'll create an original polyrhythmic piece with the drummers based on their individual levels and experience. We'll cover reading drum charts, we'll introduce the fundamentals for drumming, we'll write and play some crazy parts, and we'll have a blast doing so. No experience necessary but having some rhythm definitely helps!

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Video Bing Bong (VBB) is the newest offering and a logical next step for our media making weirdo artist rockers at Rock Band Land. In VBB, the artists will form a production team and learn a series of visual art and photo / video art techniques. Together, they'll work toward the creation of one collaborative video that will be based on an original RBL song and story. Each week the VBB artists will learn some variety of skills including but not limited to camera and flash techniques, lighting, stop motion animation, green screen application, drawing, painting, mixed media collage, script writing, blocking, editing, storyboarding, and comic book making. The class will conclude with a public screening of the artists’ video work at the RBL Big Show which takes place at The Verdi Club.



Click here for Summer Camps.

Rock Band Land offers mind-blowing weeklong and day camps throughout the school year.

RBL camps are unlike any other. In them the artists formerly known as your children, will rock out, write and develop stories, create and visual art projects, crack a billion jokes and follow whatever creative fancy they might have. They’ll play improv games, play at the park, have recording sessions (both musical and comedy based), explore the different instruments of rock and roll, and experience performing in front of their fellow artists, as well as in front of a large audience of adoring fans*.

*Final performances are only for weeklong camps.

YOGA - AGES 3 thru 7

A fun multidimensional intro to yoga for little humans.

Young yogis will strengthen their imaginations through animated poses, yoga games, and silly songs. They will also go on great yoga adventures, transforming themselves into majestic beasts, heroes, or monsters and villains.

Class is interspersed with breathing exercises that help to strengthen coordination and build body awareness, as well as train aspiring dragons to breath fire.

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RBL Clubhouse

Friday nights are party nights at Rock Band Land. RBL Clubhouse is an opportunity for all young rockers, artists, and weirdos to take refuge inside the walls of Castle Bing Bong and explore whatever RBL activity that strikes their fancy. RBL Clubbers will choose from rocking out in Sunrise Studio (RBL's recording studio) or The Loose Tooth (RBL's hidden music venue), they can work on an art project in Tower Bing Bong, or they can design and build structures, play games, and listen to stories in Donkicorn Meadow. The evening will wrap with the clubbers enjoying some comedy shorts and animations in The Great Hall while munching on perfectly popped popcorn.