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Rainbow Beast

Rainbow Beast

Band members: Marcus Stoesz (Vocals, Guitar, Keys), Brian Gorman (Drums / Vox), and Jen Aldrich (Bass).

Band members: Marcus Stoesz (Vocals, Guitar, Keys), Brian Gorman (Drums / Vox), and Jen Aldrich (Bass).


Rainbow Beast is born from the minds of children, embodied in the lives of professional musicians, and straddling the border between the imaginary (but very real) world of Rock Band Land and the real (but often fantastical) city of San Francisco, California. The members of Rainbow Beast act as interpreters, mentors and curators of the art created in Rock Band Land.

To date, the band has produced almost 300 original songs and stories with the Rock Band Land rockers. “Tales of the Monstrosity Scrolls” is a collection of some of those hits and is the first official release by Rainbow Beast.

All of the music on tales from the Monstrosity Scrolls was was written and performed in Rock Band Land classes and camps with the Rock Band Land rockers. The band plans to release another album in 2017.


Reviews for Tales from the Monstrosity Scrolls

"I listened to this album and was hypnotized by the strange stories, the curious music and the magical swirl of musical instruments. When I woke up, I found that I had been dancing in my underwear. You have been warned." - Lemony Snicket

"These songs are reminiscent of Wilco, Radiohead and The Kinks. With tracks that are anything but typical kiddie rock, Rainbow Beast’s new release will be as enjoyable for you as it is for your kids." Red Tricycle

"Imagine Lemony Snicket and Roald Dahl jamming with Robyn Hitchcock and Jeff Mangum and you’d come close to the absurd psychedelic romp of songs such as “The Little Big Easy” or “Oliver In The Wrong Cast.” Free Times

"Done well, a lot of kids music speaks to kids’ everyday experiences in language they understand. But kids ages 4 through 8 — the same ages as the songwriters — will also respond to these flights of fancy and stories of worlds far, far away. This album speaks to that need in kids, and, just maybe, might inspire a few new tales. In the end, the album’s mere existence should be considered a victory because it was the result of dozens of kids creating their own songs. The fact that it’s often eminently listenable to the outsider is just a bonus. Definitely recommended." Zooglobble

"Could easily inspire your wee one to unleash their inner Thom Yorke." New York Parenting

"Sure, there are superheroes, dragons and fluffy clouds, but they are presented in an atypical way that turns sticky sweet sing-alongs on their head." Kids Can Groove

"Dear Kindie Music Community, the bar for post-rock family music you didn’t even know existed? It has been raised. Everything about this album is glorious and worth getting all kinds of tingly-excited about — from the band name (I mean, really, they call themselves RAINBOW BEAST) to the striking artwork to the song titles." Cooper & Kid

"An exercise in prog-pop a la Flight Commander, Pictures, Klaus Nomi, Lene Lovich, Klaatu, Flaming Lips in their late period, a hyperthyroidal World of Oz (obscure 70s band), and maybe Todd Rundgren on nitrous oxide. How, then, can you even think about passing it by, pilgrim?" Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange

"When we first put on Tales From The Monstrosity Scrolls, we had to do a double take. Sure, it’s billed as kids’ music, but this CD is total badass music that parents and kids can rock out to." Celebrity Parents magazine

"Did you ever wonder about what an early (Syd Barrett era) Pink Floyd album for kids would sound like? How about the Polyphonic Spree without all the constant vocal overplay? Shazam! Rainbow Beast is the creature for you." Mr. Jeff 2000

"It’s like Arcade Fire if that Canadian band quit taking itself so seriously and began singing about dangerous weather, plus things like polar bears and giant shrimp." Detroit Metro Times 

"As if The Flaming Lips had incorporated a children’s choir into their quirky mix and
has taken songwriting tips from The Presidents Of The United States Of America." Shakefire

"This trio’s debut album is in a realm all its own in every way possible." Phil’s Picks

"Really freaking cool … Let your imagination run wild, people!" The Sounds Sweet Show 

"I have seen the future. I have already been there, and I already have my favorite album of 2014 thus far." The Rock Father