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Pre-K Rock Out Info

Parents of RBL Rockers:
Thank you for enrolling your rocker in Rock Band Land.
Please be sure to read through all of the info below.

Class Dates / Class Shows
January February Pre-K Rock Out starts the week of January 8 on Tuesday (1.9) , Thursday (1.11), or Friday (1.12) depending on which class you enrolled your rocker in. Class dates are always posted here if you need a reminder during the session.

The Tuesday 2:45 class will have their final performance on Tuesday, February 6 at 3:45.
The Thursday 1:15 class will have their final performance will be on Thursday, February 8 at 2:15.
The Friday 10:00 class will have their final performance will be on Friday, February 9 at 11:00.

On show days all three classes meet at their regular scheduled times for a dress rehearsal and fun pre-show activities and then families and fans will be invited in at show time. Mark your calendars now and feel free to bring guests.

Where is Rock Band Land?
RBL HQ is located at 3075 17th St @ Folsom St. 

When is Rock Band Land?
Pre-K Rock Out classes take place on Tuesday 2:45 - 4:00, Thursday 2:00 - 3:15 and Friday 10:00 - 11:15.

What Class Is My Kid In?
Please allow me to answer that question with a question: What class did you enroll them in? That's the one.

If you are still not sure you can check your inbox for a receipt from ActivityHero, the enrollment service we employ to make all of our lives easier. If after trying that you still don't know, go ahead and shoot me an email to After I'm done teasing you for not being on top of your own stuff, I'll gladly remind you which class your rocker is in.

Rock Band Land Contact Number
Take a second now and put Brian's phone # in your phone: 415-568-7643. This is the number to text if late, if you need to pick up early, or if there is an emergency. 

Who Will Be Teaching My Rocker?
All Rock Out and Pre-K Rock Out classes are led by Brian Gorman and Marcus Stoesz. We are the directors, the teachers, the recording engineers, the bookers, the windbags, the storytellers, the janitors, the performers, the backing band, and the recipients of so many ridiculous jokes, touching comments and curious, amazing thoughts from your rockers. We each have decades of teaching, childcare, and direct care experience and we have written, recorded, and toured extensively with our fancy pants rock bands.

In our classes we are fortunate enough to have the support of the two Taylors (Taylor McElroy & Taylor Giffin) an Alejandra, and a Maira. These human donkeys are extraordinary teachers, talented artists, and hilarious people. 

What Will My Rocker Do In Class?
Rock Band Land is a creativity program based in original rock music, storytelling, and story writing. Pre-K Rock Out is designed to prepare our 4 year old rockers for the awesome experience of joining a RBL band when they turn 5. The class is part show, part introduction to rock music, part group storytelling session, part free jam freak out rock show, and completely fun. Each group will be learning a RBL hit song that was created in one of our Rock Out classes. The song will then be broken down and taught to the rockers in easily digestible chunks, and in no time we'll all be singing along! In the 4th week of class the rockers record their vocals on the song and then in week 5 we will have a live performance of that song. All of your rocker's family, friends and fans are invited to attend.

Pre-K Rock Out will of course include musical games, dance parties, and silliness, and the last section of each class will culminate with a massive rock out jam in the Rock Out room where the rockers will get to play and experiment on guitars, basses, drums, keyboards, percussion instruments, and microphones.

Special Concerns, Medical, Behavioral, and Developmental Issues
If something is happening in your rocker's mind or body that might effect their experience or their behavior in our class, please be sure to share this information with us. Marcus and I each have years of experience working with kids (and adults) with special needs. We will do everything in our power to help accommodate your rocker and give them the best experience possible.

I include this section because in the past there have been numerous examples where parents who, for whatever reason, have chosen to withhold this kind of information from us and, if they had shared it, we could have significantly bettered their child's experience. Sometimes they simply forgot to tell us, sometimes they weren't sure, and sometimes they were either in denial, embarrassed, or afraid of stigmatizing their rocker with a label that might accompany a doctor's diagnosis.

This is your reminder to not forget. If you are dancing with denial or embarrassment, get over it. This is about your kid and not your feelings. And if you are concerned about stigmatizing your rocker with a label, please do not worry - we have your kid's back.

Here's the thing:

Every single one of us has issues of some sort. We all come rocketing out of our mothers a perfect blend of completely awesome and totally messed up. Some issues are major some are minor, and together - just like chords of a song- they make us who we are.

Here's the other thing:

Whether you tell us or not, we almost always know when something is going on developmentally with one of our rocker's. We are not therapists or medical professionals - and we don't claim to be, but we know kids. Though we are fully capable of accessing and reshaping a situation to accommodate specific concerns that we see in a child, it's eight million billion times better for your child if you share information with us from the get-go so that we can work together to make sure they have everything they need to succeed.

Can My Rocker Bring Their Own Instruments?
Yes and no. Though we provide all the instruments for the bands (drums, mics, guitars, bass guitars, keyboards, and percussion), rockers are welcome to bring smaller instruments from home if they have them. Guitars and percussion instruments are fine, but please no keyboards, sousaphones, pipe organs, upright basses, full drum sets, or giant mountain horns. If your rocker's "instrument" is a gassy dad who only makes sounds when squeezed, definitely leave that at home.  

Generally for Pre-K rockers there is not much need or desire to do this, but the offer stands. On the first day it's best to leave their instruments at home.

Should I Stay or Should I Go?
You will go!

New parents will be invited to check out the band's rehearsal space before the class, but we ask (by "ask" I mean insist) that you take full advantage of a kid free two hours by enjoying your time away from the class.

** We are extremely strict on this rule. At the start of the class we will give new parents a quick tour of the space and then will ask you to leave. If your rocker is prone to experiencing separation anxiety please communicate that with us before hand. It is completely normal that your rocker might be a little nervous or shy on the first day of class. We will engage with them right away to help them feel comfortable. The only time that we have ever had a nervous rocker who we couldn't turn around was when the parent insisted on staying. This is not an option any longer. When we say, "Ok parents, time to go," please go.

Food, Drinks, and Snack
Rockers are encouraged to bring water bottles (filled with water only), but please send your rocker to class fed. We know lots of folks drop off their rockers as they are finishing up their snacks. Please choose snacks that are free from nut products. Rockers will not be allowed to bring snacks, gum, or candy into class.

We offer pickles to each week's band leaders. All rockers will be a band leader once per session. If your rocker has an allergy to pickles (mustard seeds) or to green food (not boogers obviously), please be sure to let us know.

Drop Ins
Pre-K Rock Out is a cumulative, creative program, building week to week with the same rockers each band towards their show. Sorry, drop-ins are not allowed.

Weekly Mailers
Each week we send out a mailer documenting the band's progress and providing parents with info for the coming week. Some of these emails will be super important as they will include materials that your rocker will need to get the most out of their RBL experience. 

As our email list for each class is created simply by copying and pasting the info that you provided to ActivityHero (the enrollment service we use), if you or your spouse is not receiving emails from us this is most likely due to 1 of 3 reasons:

  1. The info that you provided in ActivityHero was only partially filled out (ie only one person's info was included).
  2. There was a typo/s in the emails provided.
  3. Your email account has redirected our correspondence to Promotions, Social, or Spam folders. Please check there and mark us as safe.

Additional email addresses can be added to the list by sending an email to Brian@rockbandland,org.

In the Pre-Rock Out classes the teachers are the producers for the bands. You are the managers. Like all great bands the success of the band is dependent on all of us doing our respective jobs and doing them well. 

We will do everything in our powers to see to it that each rocker has an amazing, creative experience with us. We will write a mind-blowing story and song with each band and we will throw a huge rock show to celebrate the bands and the rockers themselves.

We expect you, as parent managers:

  1. To be on time for pick up and drop off, to provide your rockers with all of the song materials that we send home (via email).
  2. To practice with them as often as possible, and to be sure they are prepared for their recording and performance day.
  3. To keep the focus on fun and to not pressure your rockers in any way around preparedness for Pre-K Rock Out.
  4. As the class wraps we expect you to download and make accessible to your rocker the final recorded versions of their song.

We will provide you with all of the materials required to do your jobs well.

If we all do our part each rocker will leave Rock Band Land feeling like the rock stars that they are. If we don't, then we adults are all like broken vacuum cleaners and suck just a little bit.

Not Afraid of The Dark
We want to be sure that everyone is absolutely, completely, totally, without a doubt, one hundred thousand million percent checked out on the amazing experience your rocker is about to participate in. 

(This section mostly pertains to our Rock Out classes (ages 5-10), but it's good for you to be aware of our process as the songs and stories we will be sharing with the Pre-K groups are all derived from Rock Out.)

We write and produce only original material with our rockers. We do so with great care and passion, and though we help steer, we mostly follow their lead when it comes to the directions the stories and resulting songs go in. We have a few simple rules that we insist are followed:

  1. We must respect our bandmates and their ideas.
  2. Our stories and songs must be original.
  3. Though crazy, wonderful, and dangerous things can happen in our stories, there must be a sense of hope and redemption in each song/story, and the messages of our songs can't be mean. 
  4. Potty words aren't allowed.
  5. Most importantly, if a rocker feels like they can make an idea better, or if something makes them uncomfortable it is their responsibility to speak up and to offer an alternative suggestion. (Don't worry, if your rocker is on the shy side, we are constantly scanning the room during the writing sessions to see if someone looks uncomfortable or is frightened by the story's direction. When we see that we stop everything to help them through, either by clarifying something that maybe was frightening them unnecessarily, or by changing / adding on to the idea.)

If those rules are followed we can go almost anywhere thematically, and we do.

Sometimes our subject matter is dark. We have written about some really spooky and frightening things - in fact more than any other type of story, our rockers almost always ask to write a scary or spooky tales. We've written about a magic canyon that steals kids, a blind man who has fallen in love with a woman with a severed head, a penguin who married a dead, rotting fish, a peacock that was abused in a Victorian zoo and came back from the dead to avenge it's death, plagues, trees that give human body parts, a wish granting trains made out of bones, we've written about fear, great battles, bullying, revenge and retribution.

We write this to you not to frighten you, because we believe entirely in our process and our products, but just so that you are completely aware of what we do. We know everyone is crazy busy and a lot of folks sign up for programs simply because their friends' kids are in it. There is nothing at all wrong with that, but Rock Band Land is definitely not T-Ball.

If you have yet to listen to some of the songs and stories, we encourage you to do so now. We do what we do and we do it well, and though a creativity school, we are also art and media creators. As with all media and art it's your responsibility as parents to determine what is right for your rocker to participate in and to consume.

As we write our songs and stories with the bands we will be sharing them with you every step of the way. If ever a concern arises we are always available to discuss how and why the story developed as it did.

The longer your rocker stays with Rock Band Land the more their collection of awesome songs and stories will grow. As will their attachment and investment in these stories and songs.

Sicky Sick Sick
Just like in regular school, if your rocker is sick please keep them home. In our line of work we are pretty much aircraft carriers for kids' colds, providing safe landing for the out of control, renegade germs that fly into your children and out of their mouths and noses. The thing about being sick is, it's no fun. We prefer to keep RBL fun for all, including us teachers.  

If your rocker has to miss a class we'll be sure to catch them up and we'll send any materials that they might need to you via email.

Thank you in advance for helping to keep the rest of the band healthy.

Lice Aint Nice
We know that lice is not an uncommon thing among our rockers' age group. Chances are most of you have already been through lice scares at your rocker's school.  If you have experienced it you know that it's not as gross as the stigma makes it out to be, but it does take fair amount of time, effort, and money to rid oneself of it. Just like colds and flus, if your rocker has lice please keep them home until they have been cleared. It's usually just a few days, and I'll happily send home any materials that they might have missed.

Yes, as a messy haired man, who is also a neat freak and works with kids, I have a personal interest in this, but mostly I think that to knowingly send your kid to interact with others, when they could potentially infect them with lice, is the equivalent of cleaning your soiled, cloth diapers in the public pool. It's nasty, hugely disrespectful to the other families in our community, and will get you permanently removed from all future RBL pool parties.

Crocs Do Not Rock
Please do not send your rockers to Rock Out in Crocs, flip flops, or sandals. We use real instruments that can be heavy and unwieldy and there are often many cables on the stage that the rockers will need to navigate through, on top of that we have have two teaching rooms on the second floor (stairs). Your rocker needs to have reliable footwear to help keep them safe in class.

Pick Up & Drop Off
17th st can be a very busy and fast moving street. We realize parking that can be a challenge and sometimes double parking is a necessity. Please take care as you are picking up and dropping off, and please be mindful of cyclists. Parents must get out of their car for pick up and drop off.

Doors / Prep Time
Rock Out requires a great deal of class preparation on our part, often this preparation runs right to the start of class. We will do our best to open the doors 5 minutes before each class start time, but if the doors are closed and locked please be patient (ie keep your rocker from pounding on our door and windows!). We will absolutely open at each class's scheduled start time.  

Release Forms For Pick Up
If we will be picking up your rocker (either on foot or in our Thunder Wagon 10,000 van) you must fill out the release form prior to your rocker's start date. For those families involved I will be sending you a separate email with the necessary info. 

If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to write to me at