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RBL Clubhouse

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RBL Clubhouse

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Ages 6 - 12*
$40 per rocker/artist/wonderful weirdo
Sibling Discounts Available
Located at RBL HQ: 400-E Treat Avenue
Dinner, snacks, and all materials are included in the enrollment fee.
Cancellation / Refund / Transfer Policy

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Friday nights are party nights at Rock Band Land. RBL Clubhouse is an opportunity for all young rockers, artists, and weirdos to take refuge inside the walls of Castle Bing Bong and explore whatever RBL activity that strikes their fancy. RBL Clubbers will choose from rocking out in Sunrise Studio (RBL's recording studio) or The Loose Tooth (RBL's hidden music venue), they can work on an art project in Tower Bing Bong, or they can design and build structures, play games, and listen to stories in Donkicorn Meadow. The evening will wrap with the clubbers enjoying some comedy shorts and animations in The Great Hall while munching on perfectly popped popcorn. 

Dinner will be served at all RBL Clubhouse nights. We need at least 24 hours notice if your Clubber has special dietary needs. Our cooking witch is talented but turning a turkey leg to tofu takes times. Dinner, snacks, and all materials are included in the enrollment fee. 

RBL Clubhouse is open to all young artists and rockers (ages 6-12*), whether they are currently enrolled in RBL or not.

*For age related questions or to arrange to pay for another participant, please email us (with the email pointing to

  • They are currently enrolled in RBL.

  • We know them from previous camps, classes, or donkicorn hunting trips.

  • You are certain they can hang at a castle party without melting like a candle at 8:00

This event requires the parent(s)/legal guardian(s) to enroll their own artist or rocker. If you are not the parent/legal guardian, you cannot enroll them (I.e. if you are hosting another young human at your house for a play date or sleepover). Please have the artist's or rocker's parent/legal guardian enroll them separately. If you would like to treat your rocker's friend to the RBL Clubhouse experience, that can be arranged. We can issue their parents a promo code to use while enrolling, and then invoice you for their spot. Though it is an imposing, mighty castle, there's always a way into Castle Bing Bong and Rock Band Land.

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