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Waitlist FAQs

Chicken Bones & Tea Leaves
People frequently write to ask how many spots will open up before summer. 

Unfortunately, there is no way for us to know.

Everyone who has enrolled has already paid for their spots. Our rockers tend to be very exited for RBL camps, and their parents tend to not like losing money, so the large majority of enrollments will remain intact. But there definitely will be some cancellations, usually due to family trips scheduled after the camp was booked, because the parents accidentally double booked their rocker in other camps (this happens more than you might think, check your calendars!), or because a rocker becomes ill or injured just prior to camp (hopefully we don't see too many of these this year). 

We cannot, however, say how many cancellations there will be. 

So What Happens With The Waitlist?
Over the years we have tried many different approaches to the waitlist. The biggest obstacle to the waitlist is that it loses its accuracy as time goes by and parents enroll their rockers in other camp options. We've spent countless hours in the past trying to honor the list, reaching out to people in the order that they signed up. As many folks would not reply, we were left in a bit of a holding pattern. This proved inefficient for us, a huge admin cost, and a poor use of our staff's time. 

This year as spots become available we will send a blast to this list announcing them. We will make sure the email subject is very clear. The spots will go to those who reply first. 

We hate to make our enrollment process like a Black Friday crush on WalMart, but the waitlist is a beast unto itself and we'd rather be explicitly clear with you all as to how the process will work as opposed to have you stressing unnecessarily about the likelihood of getting your rocker into our camp. 

Short Notice & The Squeaky Wheels
It is not uncommon for us to have a very last minute drop out just prior to a camp week's commencement. At these times the spots go to whomever had inquired last about an opening. Please don't hesitate to write to us just prior to a camp week that you are interested in. I know many people feel apologetic when sending these kinds of emails. Please don't stress your writing us means that you are trying to do something awesome for your kids, that's the best thing in the world. 

Get Me The %$?@! Outta Here!
If you have moved on to other camps and no longer need to be on this waitlist email list, please let us know.

It's Not Summer Camp But....
We do have a School Year Camps coming up as well as our winter/spring sessions of Rock OutPre-K Rock Out & Video Bing Bong. Yes, we offer classes every school year. Many wait list parents are unaware of that.  

Thank You
Thank you for enduring the tedium of the wait list. We truly wish that we could accommodate all of the amazing families and rockers who are interested in Rock Band Land. We hope to expand a bit in the relatively near future, but we will only do so when it's exactly right. Sure, it might not make the best business sense, but our focus is on making art and creating a magical experience for our rockers. 

Hopefully we can welcome your rocker to Rock Band Land soon.