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Video Bing Bong

Video Bing Bong

Video Bing Bong (VBB) is for our media-making, weirdo artist-rockers at Rock Band Land. In VBB, the artists will form a production team and learn a series of visual art, photo, and video techniques. Together, they will storyboard and bring to fruition one collaborative music video based on an original RBL song and story. Each week the VBB artists will learn a variety of skills including, but not limited to: basic camera operation, lighting techniques and theory, set design, prop making, traditional 2D animation, green screen application, drawing, painting, mixed media collage, blocking, storytelling and acting. The artists' hands will get messy, they will become invisible with green screen suits, learn the ins and outs of analog processes, and above all have an amazing time making radical art. The class will conclude with a public screening of the artists' video at the RBL Big Show. Their videos will continue to be showcased within the walls of Castle Bing Bong to inspire future rockers and artists.

5-week session
Ages 7-12
$325 // Sibling Discounts Available
Located at RBL HQ: 400-E Treat Avenue
Cancellation / Refund / Transfer Policy

FREE Van Pickup For Participating Schools

Click here for Van Pickup Info

We are happy to offer FREE complimentary van service for participating schools. Because space on the van is limited, we need to hold a certain number of spots per class. Seats are confirmed on a first come first served basis To simplify the enrollment process we've added widgets specific to the participating schools. If your rocker or artist attends one of the participating schools and you would like to enroll them and reserve a spot on the van, then select the class labeled with your artist’s school. If they do not attend any of the participating schools, then please enroll by using the general RBL community widget.

If the general RBL community widget is showing the class listed as full, please sign up on the waitlist and contact Rebecca, our enrollment coordinator, indicating your interest. There is a very good chance that there may still be spots available in this class. 2 weeks prior to the class's start we will open up any remaining spots from the van pick up schools to our waitlist or to the general public.

Please email Rebecca, our enrollment coordinator, at

Session Days + Times*

Enrollment for Jan - Mar 2020 classes opens Monday, November 11 at 9am

Jan/Feb 2020 Session

Mondays (4:00pm - 6:00pm**) - 1.6 / 1.13 / 1.20 / 1.27 / 2.3 // **Free van pickup for BVHM & Synergy
Tuesdays (4:00pm - 6:00pm**) - 1.7 / 1.14 / 1.21 / 1.28 / 2.4 // **Free van pickup for New School
Wednesdays (4:00 - 6:00**) // **Free van pickup for Friends

Feb/Mar 2020 Session

Mondays (4:00pm - 6:00pm - 2.10 / 2.17 / 2.24 / 3.2 / 3.9
Tuesdays (4:00pm - 6:00pm**) - 2.11 / 2.18 / 2.25 / 3.3 / 3.10 // **Free van pickup for New School
Wednesdays (4:00 - 6:00) - 2.12 / 2.19 / 2.26 / 3.4 / 3.11

The Big Show Session Dates:

Jan/Feb session - February 9, 2020
Feb/Mar session - March 15, 2020