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The RBL Team


Brian Gorman — Co-Director, Teacher, Drummer, Storyteller, The Most Beautiful Woman In The World, Member of Rainbow Beast:

Brian has been a performer and musician for most of his life, and developed his skills as a professional performer while living and teaching in Japan and while on the road with his critically acclaimed band Tartufi. Brian has almost two decades of early childhood education experience, as well as many years of working with adults and children with special needs, and has designed and taught a variety of specialty classes for pre-k and elementary school kids. When not rocking out and telling tales in Rock Band Land, Brian is one third of the band Cassiopeia. He is part dragon.

Marcus Stoesz — Co-Director, Teacher, Composer, Producer, Band Leader, Second Most Beautiful Woman in the World, Member of Rainbow Beast:

Marcus started writing music at a young age and the creation of songs has played a huge part in his development as a functioning human adult boy. He spent much of his young adulthood in Kansas leading the influential band Paper Airplanes and attended Wichita State University for Music Theory and Composition. He has been teaching children and putting them in baskets for 16 years. He is 10% maple tree, 10% mechanical biped, 50% Canadian and 30% of unknown origin (most likely edible). He currently resides in a hammock, performs and tours as Gentle Spirit and is in love with a potato.

Alejandra Widner - Arty Bing Bong, Girls Night Out, Movie Nights

For over a decade Alejandra has been teaching and strengthening educational programs with regular applications of her inspired mental masonry.

Alejandra's background is in early childhood education and social science, unless she stands in front of a fireplace. At those times her background is a fireplace. From the classroom to direct care to after school programs Alejandra's career has been focused on helping and supporting others. Art has always been the leading character in the movie version of her teaching life, "Alejandrawings Forever".

With a firm belief that the encouragement of self-expression through the arts builds confidence and independence among our young weirdos, Alejandra's classes further empower our rockers and artists to be their own crazy and to find their own beautiful. 

Jessie Woletz - Yoga

Jessie has been teaching yoga in SF for over 10 years.

She has completed a variety of teacher trainings at the Yoga Loft, including Karma Kids Yoga Teacher Training. She also trained to become a restorative yoga teacher with Judith Hanson Lasater, and she regularly assists Britt Fohrman at Yoga Tree with gentle, restorative, and prenatal yoga workshops.

Jessie enjoys sharing yoga with those across the age and ability spectrum, so that all can experience yoga’s profound invigorating and relaxing benefits.