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Summer Camps


AGES 5-12
Sibling and Multi-Session discounts available.
Summer Camps located at RBL HQ: 3075 17th St @ Folsom
After Care Available
Cancellation / Refund / Transfer Policy
Have a question about our wait list? Check out our wait list FAQs.

Summertime Rock Out (SRO) is the anchor store of this great Rock Band Land mall. Everything in RBL is centered around this camp and, as our veteran rockers will freely tell you, there is no other camp like it on planet Earth, or on Jupiter (we have two fledgling camps on Venus, but more about those later). In SRO our rockers will form a band, name the band, write, produce, and record an original rock song. The rockers also collectively write an original story that the song’s lyrics and many of the week’s activities will be based on. Throughout the week, the rockers will learn to play their song on instruments and will form multiple performance groups. The band will multi-track record the song and will work towards a mind-blowing rock and roll show on the last day of of camp. This year SRO rockers will get the added bonus of being included in certain Video Bing Bong projects and rockers (ages 7 and up) may also be invited to help create in the new Video Bing Bong space at RBL Headquarters (HQ).

AGES 7-12
Sibling and Multi-Session discounts available.
After Care Available

In Summertime Video Bing Bong camp the artists will form a production team and learn a series of visual art and photo / video art techniques. Together, they'll work toward the creation of one collaborative video that will be based on the song and story made in the Summertime Rock Out camp. Summertime Video Bing Bong artists will learn some variety of skills including but not limited to camera and flash techniques, lighting, stop motion animation, green screen application, drawing, painting, mixed media collage, script writing, blocking, editing, storyboarding, and comic book making. The camp week will conclude with a screening of the artists’ video work as well as a showing of the artwork created during the week. If that wasn’t enough incredible creative opportunity, the artists of Summertime Video Bing Bong will also contribute to the story writing of the Summertime Rock Out camps and will get time to rock out on the instruments.

To keep the bands sharp, ready to rock, and eager to create, we will take recesses at two local parks. There, we will run and tackle the structures, spin on the human centrifuge til we are dizzy, play soccer, tell stories, climb trees, sing songs, invent our own games, tell jokes, goof off, and daydream.

We aim to make each RBL Summer Camp week the best week of your rocker’s life.


"Highly recommended! My son LOVED THIS CAMP. The [RBL team] that runs it is fun, organized, and make it amazing for the kids (and the parents too). The show on the last day is a real chart topper!"

Video Bing Bong 2018 Playlist!

SIBLING DISCOUNTS -  $25 off per sibling per camp! This discount cannot be combined with other RBL discounts (i.e. Multi-Session Discount).

MULTI-SESSION DISCOUNT - Individual rockers (not siblings) who enroll in 5 or more weeks at the same time will get $25 off each week of camp, i.e. 5 weeks = $125 savings, 6 weeks = $150 savings, etc.

Multi-Session discount only applies to weeks booked in the same Activity Hero order and cannot be combined with other RBL discounts. Discounts will be credited back after the order is placed.

AFTER CARE - After Care will be offered Monday – Thursday each camp week from 4:00 – 5:00. All AC sign-ups are dealt with on a day-by-day basis per camp and AC payments will be collected on the Thursday of each week. There is always plenty of room for last minute sign ups, so please don’t stress. There is no AC on Fridays due to the music and art shows.

WAIT LIST - Have a question about our Wait list? Check out our wait list FAQs.

Summer Camp Registration Opens January 2019. Dates TBA.