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Summer Camps


AGES 5-12 & 9 -12 (see below for older rockers)
3-day Camp: $300 (Week 1 only)
5-day Camps: $475
4-day Camp: $445
Sibling and Multi-Session discounts available.*
Located at: 400-E Treat Avenue
After Care Available**
Cancellation / Refund / Transfer Policy

Summertime Rock Out (SRO) is the anchor store of this great Rock Band Land mall. Everything in RBL is centered around this camp and, as our veteran rockers will freely tell you, there is no other camp like it on planet Earth, or on Jupiter (we have two fledgling camps on Venus, but more about those later). In SRO our rockers will form a band, name the band, write, produce, and record an original rock song. The rockers also collectively write an original story that the song’s lyrics and many of the week’s activities will be based on. Throughout the week, the rockers will learn to play their song on instruments and will form multiple performance groups. The band will multi-track record the song and will work towards a mind-blowing rock and roll show on the last day of of camp. This year SRO rockers will get the added bonus of being included in certain Video Bing Bong projects and rockers (ages 7 and up) may also be invited to help create in the new Video Bing Bong space at Castle Bing Bong.

*SIBLING DISCOUNTS -  $30 off per sibling per camp! This discount is applied when siblings are enrolled in the same Camp Week and cannot be combined with other RBL discounts (i.e. Multi-Session Discount).

*MULTI-SESSION DISCOUNT - Individual rockers (not siblings) who enroll in 5 or more weeks at the same time will get $30 off each week of camp, i.e. 5 weeks = $150 savings, 6 weeks = $180 savings, etc.

Multi-Session discount only applies to weeks booked in the same Activity Hero order and cannot be combined with other RBL discounts. Discounts will be credited back after the order is placed.

**AFTER CARE - After Care will be offered Monday – Thursday each camp week from 4:00 – 5:00. All AC sign-ups are dealt with on a day-by-day basis per camp and AC payments will be collected on the Thursday of each week.

OLDER ROCKERS - In an effort to better balance out the ages in our Rock Out camps we are reserving a certain number of spots for our 9-12 year old rockers. You will see two enrollment options below, one for 5-12 year old rockers and the other for rockers 9-12 years old. Both options are for the same camp. We are not changing our programming just the groupings within the camp. 

3-DAY CAMP OPTION (WEEK 1 ONLY) - We've added this option to better accommodate our SFUSD families whose summer begins mid-week. The 3-day week will be folded into Week 1's existing 5-day camp. Will it be the same as the 5-day camp? No. Will it still be awesome? Heck yeah it will. 

WAITLIST - Check out our wait list FAQs.


AGES 7-12
5-day Camps: $475
4-day Camp: $445
Sibling and Multi-Session discounts available.*
Located at: 400-E Treat Avenue
After Care Available**
Cancellation / Refund / Transfer Policy

In Summertime Video Bing Bong (SVBB) camp the artists will form a production team and learn a series of visual art, photo, and video techniques. Together, they will storyboard and bring to fruition one collaborative music video based on the song and story made in the Summertime Rock Out camp (SRO). SVBB artists will learn a variety of skills including, but not limited to: basic camera operation, lighting techniques and theory, set design, prop making, traditional 2D animation, green screen application, drawing, painting, mixed media collage, blocking, storytelling and acting. The artists' hands will get messy, they will become invisible with green screen suits, learn the ins and outs of analog processes, and above all have an amazing time making radical art. The camp week will conclude with a screening of the artists’ video work as well as a showing of the artwork created during the week. If that wasn’t enough incredible creative opportunity, the artists of SVBB will also contribute to the story writing of the SRO camps and will get time to rock out on the instruments.


Hands down the best program in town! My daughter had a blast and made some lifelong memories. We were blown away by what they accomplished in a week! I couldn't recommend this camp more. Brian, Marcus [and staff] clearly have the musical chops but are also super skilled with the kid stuff too, which is such a gift. They know every child and every parent's name on the first day. The place runs like a well-oiled machine, and the kids are constantly engaged and entertained. Rock on Rock Band Land, we'll be back for more. - Charlotte

Both my daughter and son have been taking classes year-round at Rock Band Land since it began. [Rock Band Land's] time-tested, playful, collaborative approach to story-writing, song development and musical performance goes far beyond simply being a delicious creative outlet that [our kids] look forward to each week. The whole process has built a joyful confidence in each of [our kids]--they're not afraid to let their whole self shine. Those that know Brian and Marcus and how amazing they are, please vote RBL for best kids camp. -Stacy

My child loves this camp and would go to it multiple weeks every summer if it were possible. At first he was hesitant about performing, but Brian and Marcus worked their magic and by his second session, he was volunteering to perform for more shows! My child also remembers to and insists on practicing the song he and his campmates have composed with Brian and Marcus every day during the camp week, and then plays it over and over, even years later. Overall, I can't recommend this camp highly enough for those at all stages of musical development. - Rebecca

Please email Rebecca, our enrollment coordinator at