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School Year Camps


Rock Band Land offers weeklong and day camps throughout the school year. Looking for Summer Camps?

Ages 5-12 for all camps except Video Bing Bong (ages 7 - 12) and In-Service Days (ages 6 - 12).
9:00a - 4:00p
5-day camps $460 per rocker  
4-day camps $430 per rocker
1-day camps $140 per rocker
Sibling discounts available and After Care available (see below)
Located at RBL HQ: 400-E Treat Avenue
Cancellation / Refund / Transfer Policy

WEEK-LONG CAMPS - Wintertime Rock Out, Wintertime Video Bing Bong, Springtime Rock Out, Springtime Video Bing Bong

During RBL's week-long camps your rocker(s) will form a band, write, produce, and record an original rock song based on an original story that the band will collectively write. The rockers will record the song mid-week, and take lessons from our teachers in preparation for a mind-blowing performance on the last day of of camp.

Artists joining our Video Bing Bong camps will form a production team and learn a series of visual art and photo / video art techniques. Together, they'll work toward the creation of one collaborative video that will be based on the song and story made in the Rock Out camp. Video Bing Bong artists will learn some variety of skills including but not limited to camera and flash techniques, lighting, stop motion animation, green screen application, drawing, painting, mixed media collage, script writing, blocking, editing, storyboarding, and comic book making. The camp week will conclude with a screening of the artists’ video work as well as a showing of the artwork created during the week. If that wasn’t enough incredible creative opportunity, the artists of Video Bing Bong will also contribute to the story writing of the Rock Out camps and will get time to rock out on the instruments.

The camp days are full of performance opportunities, improv games, visual art projects based on the song and story, comedic breaks, collaboration exercises, creative activities, and of course jam sessions. We will also continue practicing and arranging the song in pursuit of a mind-blowing performance on Friday afternoon.

At the end of each day we will head to a local park, tackle the structures, spin on the human centrifuge till we are dizzy, play soccer games, tell stories, and daydream.

We aim to make each camp week the best week of your rocker’s life.

Please email Rebecca, our enrollment coordinator, at

DAY CAMPS - President's Day, Veteran's Day & MLK Day

Rock Band Land’s day camps are always awesome days of creative exploration with a heavy focus on each rocker’s particular interests.

Since we have just one day we will not be producing a song, but there is ample time to rock out, work on stories, create art projects, and crack a billion jokes. During our day camps we follow whatever creative fancy the rockers might have.

Rock Band Land’s week-long camps are based on our wildly popular Rock Out classes.

After Care - After care is dealt with on a day by day basis. There’s always plenty of space available in AC. Please don’t stress.

Kind Words & Reviews

What a unique experience for kids! This place is unapologetically not your normal "camp" for kids. They celebrate being weird, creative, having fun and building core musical skills. My daughter is drawn to this camp and consistently tells me it's her favorite across all the ones we have sent her to (even beats all-day soccer camp shockingly!). Aside from the fun she has, she's also developed real musical skills and as we've now discovered actually has some rhythmic drummer talent! Who knew? Love RBL - give it a try. - Michael H.

Rock Band Land was so fun, enriching, and inspiring for my child!!! The camp was also incredibly organized with phenomenal communication. This made the parent part of having a child in camp smooth and stress-free. - Claudine R.

"My son attended a 1-day camp and had a fabulous time. Staff were friendly, fun and professional and they have a great space. Would definitely return and recommend."  - Dana K.