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RBL Radio

RBL Radio

Rock Band Land Radio features the RBL rockers and the music they helped create. Each episode is hosted by different RBL rockers and all the music on RBL radio was written in Rock Band Land. 


RBL Radio Episode 3 - Bo & Damiano

Two drummers of George Washing Machine, Bo and Damiano, are in the studio to talk to us about dirt town, grilled cheese, and summertime rock out. They also summarize stories behind rbl hits such as "The Boxer of Boxers", "Chef Shark's in a Pickle", and "The Rise and Fall of Frederick Manchester".
Listen on: iTunes | Soundcloud


RBL Radio Episode 2 -Ozlo, Giacomo, and Pascal

Oz, Giac, and Pascal team up for a power hour of high-speed car chases, time travel, improvisational rap, potato-cheesies, and more! Plus, another batch of great RBL tunes such as "Duck, Mayor, Duck", "Psycho Butterflies", and "Lightbulb Headed People", to name a few.
Listen on: iTunes | Soundcloud


RBL Radio Episode 1 - Connor & Griffin

Two members of George Washing Machine kick off the RBL Radio show with some of their favorite RBL songs, crazy skits, and personal tales about Molly's Ever Severing Head.
Listen on: PRX | iTunes | Soundcloud