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San Francisco, CA 94110

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RBL Nights


RBL Nights

RBL offers Girls Night Out and Movie Nights throughout the school year.

Girls Night Out

Ages 5 - 12
$40 per artist
Sibling Discounts Available
Delicious dinners will be provided at each session

Girl’s Night Out is an opportunity for our girl rockers and artists to share common experiences while expressing creativity. Hosted by RBL's Chief Arty Bing Bong, Alejandra, our Girls Night Out is a fun and safe place to create, converse, and let loose with nothing but female support and empowerment! Time together is spent on art exploration akin to regular Arty Bing Bong classes while also including games aimed at deepening understanding of self and others and free play.

Movie Nights

Ages 5 - 12
$40 per rocker
Sibling Discounts Available

Grab your rocker's PJ's for an after-hours movie night! Pre-selected, age-appropriate movies, snacks, and art exploration opportunities will be provided! Movie selections will range in era and theme but will reflect Rock Band Land’s values such as individuality, respect, and of course, side-splitting laughter and quirk.


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Girls Night Out + Movie Nights are held at
RBL Headquarters: 3075 17th St. @ Folsom

Session Days + Times
Fridays: 6:15 - 9:00

Girls Night Out:
2017 Dates: 9.22 / 10.6 / 10.20 / 11.3 / 11.17 / 12.8
2018 Dates:  1.12 / 1.26 / 2.9 / 2.23 / 3.9 / 3.23 / 4.13 / 4.27 / 5.11 / 5.25

Movie Nights:
2017 Dates: 9.29 / 10.13 / 10.27 / 12.1 / 12.15

PLEASE NOTE: These events require the parent(s)/legal guardian(s) to enroll each child. If you are not the parent/legal guardian, you cannot enroll the child(ren). Please have the child(ren)'s parent/legal guardian enroll them separately.