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Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates

Due to popular demand, Rock Band Land will be offering gift certificates for purchase. For the remainder of 2018, gift certificates are available in the form of Donkey Dollars! Donkey Dollars are accepted as American dollars within the virtual walls of Castle Bing Bong. You can purchase (multiples of) $100 Donkey Dollars for flexible spending toward a full session of Video Bing Bong ($300 total) or Rock Out ($400 total); gift a full session of more affordable but equally fantastic classes such as Pre-K Rock Out ($275), DIY Bing Bong ($165) or Drum Out ($165) OR spend as little as $40 to cover the cost of RBL Clubhouse night.

Purchase gift certificates for your own family, that kid at the park who always wears a cape, that coworker with kids who doesn't believe in donkicorns yet, or to show your partner you've even thought about child care for your date night.

Ready to purchase? Simply make your choice from the list below, and then email

Your gift certificate options:

$40 - Covers the full cost of RBL Clubhouse. Party night for your weirdo at Castle Bing Bong. We provide dinner, a chance to rock out on any instrument, super fun art projects, and a cartoon/silent film watch party at the end of the night with popcorn.

$100 - Donkey Dollars are the perfect gift for your little monster to choose their 2019 RBL classes with more ownership than usual. Gift up to five so your recipient can choose how they want to spend their Donkey Dollars. HINT #1: 3 of these equals the full tuition for a session of Video Bing Bong - our ridiculously cool music video class that uses story boarding, green screening, and all forms of design to turn RBL songs into a stunning music video. HINT #2: 4 of these equals the full tuition of Rock Out, the classic RBL experience of creating a story, creating a song and performing on stage for friends and family. 

$165 - Covers the full tuition for DIY Bing Bong OR the full tuition of Drum Out! DIY Bing Bong is a workshop/makers style art class with a theme for young female (and female identifying or non-binary) artists. The theme for the Jan/Feb session is MAGIC and artists will leave each class with a different piece or product for you to ooh and ahh over! Drum Out! is great for beginning drummers or experienced drummers hoping to focus more on their craft. Each class will create an original polyrhythmic piece based on their individual levels and experience.

$275 - Covers the full tuition of Pre-K Rock Out, an incredible opportunity for 4-5 year old rockers to be introduced to the creative process at Rock Band Land. Pre-K rockers will explore different songs and stories, work toward recording and performing a Rock Band Land original song.

Gift Certificates must be redeemed within six (6) months from the date of purchase and cannot be combined with any other discounts. If there is a balance remaining on the Gift Certificate after the redemption date of six (6) months from the date of purchase, the balance will be deemed to be forfeited by the Gift Certificate holder. Gift Certificates are not redeemable for cash, cannot be refunded, are non-transferable, and cannot be used retroactively or for outstanding balances with Rock Band Land. Rock Band Land is not responsible for stolen or lost Gift Certificates.