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Elder Rock Out Info

RBL Elder Rockers:
Thank you for enrolling in Rock Band Land.
Please be sure to read through all of the info below.

When does Elder RO meet?
ERO will meet each Friday from 6:30 - 9:00. You can check the RBL calendar for specific class dates.

Where does Elder RO meet?
@ Castle Bing Bong. // 400 -E Treat Ave

Who will be teaching Elder RO?
Marcus and Jen will be leading the class and Brian will be popping in from time to time to say hi like a dad on a sleepover.

Do we need to bring our own instruments?
You are not required to bring your own instruments. Please do not bring drums, amps or keyboard instruments as those will be provided.

What is acceptable to bring?
Instruments that are easy to carry - i.e guitars, keytars and harmonicas. Effects pedals for guitars are allowed within reason. Anything that you can set up by yourself in 5 minutes is ok.

When will shows be?
Shows will be held at the end of each 10 week session. Our first show is schedule December 6th, 2019.

Can friends drop-in?
Those not enrolled in the class are welcome for a limited time before and after class. Only those enrolled are allowed in during class time. All are welcome for the show!

I can't find a sitter, can my kid/s come?
Sorry rockers, kids are not allowed into Rock Band Land during Elder Rock Out.

Can I bring beer to share?
We will provide a few refreshments on the first day at the end of class. Rockers will be able to sign up for a day or two to bring refreshments.

Will we be recording?
We will be recording our original song and releasing it on all streaming platforms at the end of the session.

Will you be providing materials for us to practice?
All materials will be provided throughout the session.

Will we be writing a story?
We'll see what the muses bring us. We will will spend some time brainstorming and visualizing to conjure a 'collective dream,' from which to draw lyrical inspiration. If we end up with a straight narrative, with a beginning, middle, and end, then by god we will have written a "story." But if we fall in love with free verse, then free verse it will be.

I am familiar with what you do with the kids, what will be similar and what will be different in ERO?
Elder Rock Out will draw inspiration from our regular Rock Out and Advanced Rock Out classes. The difference will largely depend on the enthusiasm and work ethic brought by rockers. We will write, record and perform an original song. We will also learn and perform a cover. We will come up with a band name and album art. We will have a show with your family and friends in attendance.

Will you be sending out weekly mailers?
You will receive a mailer containing updates and important information by each Monday following Friday’s class.

I have no experience playing an instrument but love music, how will I be able to participate with others who already know how to play?Even the simplest musical patterns can exist within with the most complex arrangements. The greatest challenge will be finding the commonalities that link these elements together. This will be challenging for experienced players and novices alike. Patience, active listening and compromise will be the most important qualities in our collaboration.

Get psyched, we are.

Marcus, Jen, & Brian